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Formerly a part of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan is a country in Central Asia now known as the Republic of Kazakhstan.It is one of the developed nations in Asia with a more comfortable standard of living and a tranquil setting.The nation demonstrates sophistication in every sphere of the norm, encompassing lifestyle, accommodations, transportation, roads, GDP, and other economic facets.In recent years, thousands of Indian students have moved there annually to attend its highly regarded NMC-approved universities for graduate study.There are 200 instructors in the medical faculty at the Kazakh Russian Medical University, most of whom are reputable and well-known physicians, outside researchers, etc.The Kazakh Russian Medical University has kept up its connections with both domestic and foreign universities.The Kazakh Russian Medical University places equal emphasis on theoretical and practical skills in its educational program.

MBBS in Kazakhstan 2024: Information about MBBS in Kazakhstan, Fees, Admission

Since the WHO, USMLE, IMED GMC, and NMC have recognized all of Kazakhstan’s top medical colleges, the MBBS program is well-known to all aspiring doctors. Indian students can fulfill their dreams by enrolling in one of the many prestigious universities in Kazakhstan that offer MBBS programs. Kazakhstan is home to one of the top MBBS universities. Every year, over 5,000 Indian students and over 60,000 medical students come to this place to complete their medical degrees. Kazakhstan is the top national medical university for this reason.
The medical college of Kazakhstan is unquestionably a shining star among medical colleges, which is why the majority of medical students now prioritize getting into Kazakhstan for their MBBS admission. You must earn 50% in PCB in Kazakhstan in order to study medicine. You shouldn’t be concerned about the MBBS fees in Georgia because they are extremely affordable compared to other expensive universities. Our goal is to give you the greatest professional opportunity possible. Thus, without further ado, confirm that Medical Education in Kazakhstan is the career path you have chosen. I wish you success in your work.

Eligibility for MBBS in Kazakhstan.

  • The age of the candidates must be 17 years
  • The candidates must clear 10+2 examination
  • It is necessary for the medical aspirants to secure 50 % marks in the 12th examination
  • The subject combination should be Chemistry, Physics and Math for MBBS Seat in Kazakhstan
  • As per the requirements of Kazakhstan universities, the candidates must qualify NEET-UG
  • It is mandatory for the candidates to have valid passport to study Medicine in Kazakhstan
  • As per the rules of NMC, the ST/SC/OBC candidates need to score at least 40 % marks in the same
College Name QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023: Medicine Times Higher Education for World University Rankings 2022: Clinical & Health Why This College
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University


201-250 601-800
  • 1934 saw the founding of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.
  • It is the oldest classical university in the country and the flagship institution of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s higher education system.
  • Al-Farabi National University of Kazakhstan One of the best medical colleges in Kazakhstan is located there.
  • Another name for the Al-Farabi University is KAZNU Kazakhstan.
Kazakh National Medical University


251-300 401-500
  • It is one of Kazakhstan’s best universities for medicine.
  • In 1930, the university was founded in one of Almaty City’s rural areas. In 2001, Kazakh National Medical University received the title of National university from the Kazakh government in recognition of its exceptional academic performance.
  • The Republic of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Education and Science has recognized the Kazakh National Medical University.
  • This university offers a wide range of courses for students, including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate programs.
North Kazakhstan State University


351-400 801+
  • With 83 years of history, this university—named North Kazakhstan State University in honor of Manash Kozybayev—is among the nation’s oldest academic institutions.
  • The NKSU offers top-notch educational services to people who want to become doctors all over the world.
  • M. Kozybayev North Kazakhstan State University is situated in Petropavl, Kazakhstan, and was founded in 1937.
  • The university also served as a catalyst for the growth of medical education and science in Kazakhstan.
Karaganda State Medical University
351-400 801+
  • In 1950, Karaganda State Medical University was established.
  • It is among the top medical schools in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Karaganda State Medical University is ranked eighth out of the top 60 universities in the nation.
  • This university is Kazakhstan’s first to offer medical education.
  • In addition to postgraduate and bachelor’s degree programs, Karaganda State Medical University offers multilevel professional training.
Kokshetau State University


401-450 801+
  • Located in the Kazakhstani city of Kokshetau, Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University is a cutting-edge educational establishment that was established in 1962.
  • In the fields of natural science and general medicine, the university offers multilevel programs leading to bachelor’s degrees in 65 specializations, master’s degrees in 30 specializations, and doctoral degrees in 6 specializations.
  • The university was renamed in honor of the renowned Kazakh scientist, historian, ethnographer, geographer, translator, and adventurer, Sh. Ualikhanov.
Astana Medical University


401-450 601-800
  • Founded as a medical institution in 1997, Astana Medical University is a vocational education medical institution located in Kazakhstan’s capital city of Astana.
  • By guaranteeing reasonable tuition costs, the university provides students with a high-quality education coupled with cutting-edge, innovative technologies to improve their overall learning and development.
  • The university is renowned for its advancements in the medical sciences and its clinical programs, which draw a large number of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral students to its campus and make it a top choice for many aspiring doctors worldwide.
Semey State Medical University


551-600 501-600
  • In 1952, this university was established. The name “Semey State Medical University” is now used for it.
  • It is regarded as one of Kazakhstan’s top medical schools.
  • Semey State Medical University replaced the previous name of the institution, which was “Semipalatinsk State Medical institute,” after roughly 40 years.
  • The university’s first faculty was the medical faculty, which opened for business in 1953.
South Kazakhstan State Medical Academy


551-600 801+
  • This government-run research university is situated in Kazakhstan’s “Shymkent” city.
  • The faculty at the university is the best.
  • The goal of the university is to create a welcoming atmosphere. In 1979, the university was founded.
  • The Kazakhstani Ministry of Science and Education has accredited the university.
West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University


551-600 801+
  • Kazakhstan’s West A significant advancement in Kazakhstan’s medical education and scientific community has been made by Marat Ospanov State Medical University.
  • Over twenty-five thousand students are enrolled in this university’s higher medical program, and its alumni are employed successfully in various settings.
  • WKSMU has grown significantly, making it Kazakhstan’s premier medical, scientific, and educational institution.
Kazakh Russian Medical University


601-650 801+
  • One of the best and most renowned private medical schools in the Republic of Kazakhstan is Kazakh Russian Medical University.
  • Formerly, the institution was called Kazakhstan Medical University. It was established in 1992.
  • Dr. Mukhtar Aliyevich Aliyev, a member of the Kazakh Academy of Sciences, founded the Kazakh Russian Medical University.
  • There are over 200 lecturers at the university, the majority of whom are reputable and well-known physicians, international scientists, and a few well-known doctors from Kazakhstan.

Reasons to Study MBBS in Kazakhstan

Course Length: The MBBS program in Kazakhstan lasts for five years. which consists of one year of an internship program and four years of academic study. Since the MBBS program lasts six years in other nations, you can save a year here and begin working in any hospital during that time.

MCI Coaching: After completing their MBBS program in Kazakhstan, all international students must pass the MCI exams. MCI coaching will assist students in achieving this goal. For the MCI screening exams, which are an additional expense, students are not required to complete any additional coaching.

Low tuition: Because students can enter directly without the need for a donation or an entrance exam other than the NEET Exam, studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is incredibly affordable for overseas students. Because Kazakhstan’s government offers scholarships to students for higher education, the country’s MBBS fees are extremely low. Because the cost of sending their children to study abroad is so high, parents find it difficult to make this decision.

Prestigious degree: Upon completion of the MBBS program, the university awards students a medical degree that is valid throughout the globe and is acknowledged as a qualification for practicing medicine in India and other countries.

Simple application process: Kazakhstan offers a simple application process for MBBS admission. Before submitting an application to a university, Indian students must first determine whether they meet the requirements to pursue an MBBS in Kazakhstan. Students must complete the application and send in all required paperwork. You will receive the approval letter following the university’s approval. After that, students must apply for the Kazakhstan visa process. Once all the requirements are met, students can enroll in Kazakhstan’s MBBS program.

Reasonably low cost of living: Compared to other nations, studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is affordable. Tenge is the currency used in Kazakhstan. As of October 26, 2020, 1 Indian Rupee is worth 5.79 Kazakhstani Tenge, making the Tenge currency less valuable than the Indian Rupee. The cost of living in Kazakhstan is lower due to the low value of the currency. Kazakhstan has a low cost of living, as well as cheap food, travel, and other expenses.

Various types of medical courses for MBBSIn Kazakhstan, the medical students are provided with the facility of internship in the Government hospitals. Students will get a facility of 5 years of MBBS Courses. There is a scope of getting the pharmacy course for 4 years and an MD course facility for 5 years. Students can go for medical research works that will help them in becoming a good Doctor.

Indian food facilities: An Indian canteen is available in the majority of Kazakhstan’s medical universities, which helps Indian students settle in more easily. Additionally, there are a lot of Indian eateries that satisfy the need of Indian students for Indian cuisine.

What next? After MBBS in Kazakhstan

The Medical Council of India and the World Health Organization (MCI & WHO) have approved and acknowledged Kazakhstan’s medical universities. Following degree completion, students can begin practicing in Kazakhstan; however, they must pass a brief MCI screening test before being allowed to practice in India or any other country.

Process Of Application For Studying Mbbs In Kazakhstan

    • Speak with a knowledgeable admissions counselor to learn all the information you need to apply to MBBS. Once you have all the information, make your application process arrangements.
    • Complete the New Era Education application for admission.
    • Your admission letter will be sent to you by us as soon as the college acknowledges receipt of your application.
    • Next, don’t worry—we’ll take care of presenting your identity documents to our office in accordance with the visa handling requirements.
    • We will notify you of the departure date and the date of boarding to Kazakhstan once we have obtained a visa.The following paperwork may be needed from applicants seeking an MBBS in Germany.


MBBS in Germany is partly free since most public universities in the country do not charge tuition fees. However, Private universities are exempt from this rule. Also, a semester fee, as well as additional fees, are charged by all universities.

Most Medical Schools in Germany use German as the language of instruction.

Yes, students from India can start preparing for an MBBS in Germany after their 12th.

An MBBS course in Germany lasts 6 years and 3 months. However, for International students, the course can last 7 years and 3 months due to an additional language preparatory course.

MBBS colleges in Germany, whether public or private, offer their courses at an incredibly subsidized rate. Private universities can charge up to 30,000 EUR per year in tuition fees, whereas public universities may charge no tuition at all.