Why Should you Study in Bangladesh

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Studying MBBS in Bangladesh: A Platform for Career Opportunities.Bangladesh is one of the nations that actively accepts students wishing to pursue careers in the medical industry if you want an MBBS degree. Also, it is affordable for students to study and reside in Bangladesh. These are a few of the causes. In Bangladesh, doctors are highly esteemed and well compensated. Additionally, they are in great demand, which facilitates a student’s post-graduation job search. There are numerous justifications for studying MBBS in Bangladesh. It’s critical to understand that there are a plethora of opportunities accessible to you while working in the field.A medical doctor’s abbreviation is MBBS. For this medical degree, students must learn medical and surgical procedures while enrolled in a hospital.Bangladeshi medical college admissions are extremely competitive.

Why you should choose Bangladesh to study MBBS

  • Bangladesh offers good living conditions and a cheap cost of living.
  • Additionally, there are plenty of job opportunities in this nation.
  • After completing your MBBS studies here as opposed to somewhere else, finding a job is easier.
  • Because of their high standard of living, the locals can afford to provide their kids with a top-notch education.
  • Studying abroad can help you save money, but saving money is hard.
    because of Bangladesh’s low living standards, if you study here.

The Benefits of MBBS Education in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has facilitated universal access to medical science. It is among the greatest locations for students to study because of its large population and accessibility to reasonably priced medical education. Bangladeshi students have many options for selecting their courses and can receive an affordable, high-quality education. Bangladesh has a number of universities that provide reasonably priced MBBS programs.
There are lots of options for students who wish to pursue a career in medicine because Bangladesh has some of the best healthcare systems in the world. There are many job opportunities waiting for graduates in the medical and nursing fields due to the high demand for these professionals. Low tuition and reasonable living expenses are just two of the many advantages of studying medicine for an MBBS in Bangladesh.

How to Apply in Bangladesh for Medical College

medical college admissions are extremely competitive. Getting into a medical college in Bangladesh is not a simple task. The success of an application depends on a number of factors, such as the personal statement and the required GPA for admission in grades 10 and 12.

Qualifications for enrollment in the MBBS program 2021–2022:

  • Qualification exam (HSC/’A’) or an equivalent exam must have been passed.
  • After three years of HSC/’A’ level or equivalent, pass the SSC/’O’ level or equivalent examination.
  • Pass the HSC/’A’ or comparable exam by 2020 or 2021.
  • Minimum cumulative GPA for HSC/’A’ level and SSC ‘O’ level exams: 8 GPA
    In the SSC/’O’ level or above and the HSC/’A’ level or above examinations, the minimum GPA is 3GPA.
  • Biology minimum GPA: 3.5
  • Only the top 5 subjects are taken into account when calculating GPA in relation to marks earned in SC/’O’ level or equivalent exams.
  • Consequently, GPA in “O’ levcl= (total marks received in top five subjectsy5),”If GPA is less than five, the optional subject will be taken into consideration.
  • The only subjects taken into account for calculating GPA are Physics, Chemistry, and Biology marks from the HSC/’A’ level or equivalent exam. A ‘C’ is the qualifying grade for each subject separately. GPA at the ‘A’ level is therefore equal to (total marks earned in three subjects)/3.

Certificates Required For Mbbs Admission In Bangladesh

  • 10th Mark/Grade sheet
  • 10th Admit Card/Hall ticket sheet
  • 10th Passing Certificate
  • 12th Mark/grade sheet
  • 12th Admit Card/Hall ticket sheet
  • 12th Passing Certificate
  • School leaving certificate (Testimonial)
  • Copy of Passport
  • Equivalency Certificate* (Most Important)
  • Two passport-size photographs of the applicant
  • Students must have a NEET scorecard which signifies that the student has qualified for NEET with how much percentage.

Admission Procedure For Mbbs In Bangladesh

    • A medical student has to be the first to consider the benefits and drawbacks of each university before choosing one.
    • Medical students are required to submit all necessary documentation as specified by the specific university.
    • The student’s application will be accepted by the medical university, after which the letter of confirmation will be sent.
    • Submitting the total fees is then expected of the medical student.
    • The student must then submit an application for a student VISA.
    • A medical student can come to Bangladesh and begin their studies after completing all the necessary procedures.

Important Steps For Mbbs Admission In Bangladesh

  • A confirmation letter will be sent by the college following payment of the seat reservation amount.
  • All documents (10th and 12th grade admit cards, marksheets) need to be certified by your nation’s Bangladesh High Commission and Foreign Ministry.
  • Fill out the MBBS admission form by downloading it from the Bangladesh Foreign Ministry’s website (www.mofa.gov.bd). You need to specify the medical college of your choice.
  • To obtain a receipt, pay $60 (subject to change) to DGHS in any bank in your nation.
  • Send your completed admission form, bank receipt, and attested documents to the Bangladeshi Embassy in your nation to initiate the Grade Equivalency process and obtain permission from the Bangladeshi government. You can either complete this task on your own or get in touch with us at Call/WhatApss: +91-8499000022.Make a visa application.

Advantages Of Mbbs In Bangladesh

  • MBBS in Bangladesh is open for all those students who are not able to score well in NEET and can’t get admission to govt medical universities in India.
  • The local people in Bangladesh are welcoming and its rich heritage and culture provide a comforting environment for the students.
  • Students after adjusting well to Bangladesh can term it as their second home.
  • The amenities offered by medical universities in Bangladesh are outstanding whether it’s lab or the latest tools.
  • Students need not worry about clearing or qualifying for any entrance test before taking MBBS admission in Bangladesh.
  • Students can pay the fees in installments or go for educational loans if they are unable to pay the fees in one go.
  • Medical universities in Bangladesh provide a homely environment for national as well as international students.
  • The medical degrees are acknowledged worldwide which is a primary factor in making MBBS in Bangladesh a success.
  • The accommodation facilities are comfortable and secured for the comfort of the students.


22 seats are available on 100% scholarship for Indian students under SAARC Quota.

In all Government Medical Colleges.

Medical universities in Bangladesh have segregated Bangladesh MBBS in four phases. Each phase differentiates the other in subjects taught.

The education system in Bangladesh is divided into 3 levels namely Primary level, secondary level, and tertiary level.