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International students looking to study medicine abroad can pursue an MBBS program in Russia. Russia may be the solution for you, as the nation offers Indian students access to cutting-edge medical universities. The nation is home to prestigious medical schools and universities that have earned recognition from the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO). English is the primary language of instruction at Russia’s medical universities, which are constructed with state-of-the-art facilities that allow students to receive top-notch education at reasonable costs.India is a very budget-conscious country, and due to Russia’s affordable medical education, it is consistently ranked among the top countries in the world for medical study.

Top 10 Universities for MBBS in Russia for Indian Students

India is a very budget-conscious country, and due to Russia’s affordable medical education, it is consistently ranked among the top countries in the world for medical study. The World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS) lists prominent Russian medical universities, which is particularly helpful for Indian students studying for an MBBS in Russia because it allows them to take the Medical Council of India Screening Test, also known as the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination. According to information made public by the Indian government, 18,039 students were enrolled in Russian universities in 2022.
According to recent reports, numerous prestigious Russian universities are preparing to offer more than 5,000 medical seats to Indian students in 2023–2024. The National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) must have been passed, and applicants must have at least a 50% grade in the relevant core subjects to be eligible for an MBBS program in Russia.

According to QS World University Rankings by Subject and Times Higher Education for World University Rankings 2021: Medicine & Dentistry, this is a carefully curated list of the top universities in Russia for MBBS students. Prospective students should be aware that although these prestigious ranking organizations adhere to specific ranking criteria, the outcomes are heavily focused on the needs of students, taking into account the caliber of education in relation to global norms.

College Name Tution Fee (Per Year) Hostel Fee (Per Year) Why This College
Kazan Federal University


4,93,740 Ruble 13,000 Ruble
  • One of Kazan, Russia’s most well-known universities is Kazan Federal University.
  • Originally named Imperial Kazan University, it was established in 1804 and subsequently renamed Kazan Federal University.
  • The second-largest university in Russia, Kazan Federal University is highly regarded by both foreign and Indian students for its cutting-edge teaching techniques and high-quality facilities.
Kazan State Medical University


4,38,800 Ruble 18,000 Ruble
  • The self-governance of Kazan State Medical University (KSMU) consists of an academic council that is governed by university policies.
  • The State Committee of the Russian Federation of Higher Education granted the university a license number 16 G 235 on March 6, 1994, allowing it to conduct professional education-related operations.
  • A continuous higher education in medicine is made possible by this intricate educational system housed within the university.
North-Western State Medical University named after Mechnikov


4,20,000 Ruble 36,000 Ruble
  • Russia’s top medical school is North-Western State Medical University, which bears the name of I.I. Mechnikov.
  • Mechnikov, merged to form North-Western State Medical University Russia in 2011.
  • The Russian Federation’s Ministry of Health established the university.
  • Renowned for its exceptional education, North-Western State Medical University Saint Petersburg provides its pupils with a top-notch medical education.
People’s Friendship University


9,500 $ Optional
  • One of the top universities in Russia is the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR).
  • It is the only university in the world that brings together students from roughly 150 different nations each year.
  • Space technologies are a major part of the PFUR curriculum and will only become more important as the modern world becomes more and more space-oriented in all spheres of human endeavor.
  • Numerous PFUR subdivisions have been making significant contributions to pertinent space activities for a long time.
Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University


7,700 $ 300 $
  • Pirogov One of Russia’s oldest and most renowned medical universities abroad is Russian National Research Medical University.
  • One of the most prestigious and established universities in Russia, the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University enjoys international recognition.
  • The university provides a wide range of medical courses, one of which is a six-year General Medicine program designed for clinical enthusiasts.
  • The University commemorated its 110th anniversary in 2016.
Siberian state medical university


3,40,130 Ruble 12,000 Ruble
  • Siberian State Medical University is ranked in the top 3 medical schools and in top 30 higher educational institutions top 30 higher educational institutions in the Russian Federation (2015).
  • Annually SSMU provides education to over 5 000 students from all parts of Russia and CIS region as well as many foreign countries (Germany, Haiti, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Nigeria, Malaysia, India, Mongolia).
  • The University can boast of over 80% academic faculty with academic degrees (375 MDs, DMedSci).
Tver State Medical University


2,86,327 Ruble 9,000 Ruble
  • Established in 1936, the Tver State Medical University is one of the oldest and most reputed medical universities in Russia.
  • It is a public educational institution and operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and Social Development and the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.
  • For more than 70 years, Tver State Medical University in Russia has been playing a leading role in the development of medical science and training of medical practitioners and scientists.
Kuban State Medical University


4,500 $ (From 2nd Year Onwards 4,000 $) Included
  • Kuban State Medical University is one of the oldest medical schools in Russia.
  • It is located in Krasnodar, the capital of Krasnodar Krai in South Russia.
  • Currently structural division of Kuban State Medical University includes 64 departments where the university enrolls more than 4,400 people.
  • A special place in the structure of higher education institution takes Russia thanks to the quality management system of vocational education.
Bashkir State Medical University


2,99,244 Ruble 14,000 Ruble
  • Bashkir State Medical University is one of the largest medico-scientific centers in Ufa, Russian Federation.
  • UFA is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Russia.
  • Bashkir State Medical University is an educational institution that has been training students since 1932.
  • Bashkir State Medical University has been licensed by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation to train international students.
Kemerovskiy Gosudarstvennyy Universitet


2,26,800 Ruble 8,500 Ruble
  • Kemerovo State Medical University Russia was founded in 1955. It is the leading medical institute in Russia.
  • KSMU Russia is officially recognized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.
  • University provides a high standard quality of education with affordable fees.
  • International students can enroll to have great other country experiences.

Why study MBBS in Russia?

Russia’s Top Medical Universities

Leading medical schools accredited by the National Medical Council (NMC), Medical Council of India (MCI), and World Health Organization (WHO) are located in Russia. The World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS) has the universities listed as well. This is particularly helpful for Indian students pursuing an MBBS in Russia because it would allow them to sit for the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination, also known as the Medical Council of India Screening Test.

Medical Universities in Russia QS Ranking 2022
Lomonosov Moscow State University 251-300
Sechenov University 301-350
Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University 401-450
Saint Petersburg State University 451-500
Pavlov University 451-500

Instructions are given in English.

Studying for an MBBS in Russia does not require proficiency in Russian, as many medical schools provide an English-language medical curriculum. Basic knowledge of the Russian language is advantageous since it aids students in their training and practical experiences. Nonetheless, it is often appropriate to allow the use of the Russian language. Candidates should thus confirm the educational medium before beginning the application procedure.

Increased Educational Quality

Russia is renowned around the world for its superior research and teaching capabilities. It is one of the most popular choices for foreign students hoping to study MBBS in Russia since it is renowned for offering top-notch instruction at a reasonable price. Russia’s medical schools place a strong emphasis on hands-on learning and offer globally recognized medical degrees that enable graduates to practice anywhere in the world. Many times, applicants end up asking if an MBBS from Russia is recognized in India. Yes, is the straightforward response.

Maximum protection and safety for pupils

For parents and students alike, security and safety are of utmost importance. Families can rest easy knowing that prestigious Russian medical institutes provide cozy, secure boarding choices that are supervised by CCTV and have on-site dorm wardens. Because a large portion of the student body of Russian medical universities is international and celebrates Indian festivals with great fanfare and zeal, overseas visitors feel at home there. On the university’s campus, students can also savor Indian cuisine at the self-cooking facilities.

Customized Courses for Medical Students’ Advantage

Russian medical universities also offer specialized curricula for the benefit of their pupils. Short-term options available to students include summer universities, study abroad semesters in Russia, summer schools, professional training, undergraduate, graduate, and specialist preparatory programs, as well as studying Russian as a foreign language.


Yes, an MBBS degree from a Russian medical college is valid and accepted in India. MCI/NMC and WHO recognize Medical Universities in Russia to provide students with a globally accepted degree.

Yes, you can practice in India after MBBS in Russia to enhance your medical profession. You are required to take a licensing test i.e. NEXT (National Exit Test) to practice in India. Foreign medical aspirants must practice in India.

MBBS in Russia is one of the best options for studying medicine overseas. Studying MBBS in Russia is becoming increasingly popular among international students since it offers a high-quality education at a low cost. Russia is the eighth most popular study destination for MBBS students from all over the world.

Without any doubt, MBBS in Russia is better than MBBS in India. Students need to score high NEET Score to study MBBS in India while they just need to qualify for the exam to study in Russia.

Many Indian students opt to go to Russia for MBBS as it is not only an affordable destination to study MBBS abroad but also Russia follows an easy admission process, which has increased the inflow of Indian Students.