Why Should you Study in Georgia

Lowest mbbs fees in india

Following their study of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB), Indian medical students compete fiercely in the NEET exam each year. Many Indian students’ dreams of becoming doctors were dashed when they had to contend with the fierce competition for admission to prestigious Indian medical colleges, which had few seats available and expensive tuition.One of the best choices for Indian students who wish to pursue MBBS overseas is MBBS in Georgia. Georgia’s education system is well-established, highly regarded, and widely accepted. For Indian medical students, studying for the MBBS in Georgia is a more feasible and internationally recognized option.Georgia and India enjoy strong geopolitical ties. It is a developing nation bordered to the east by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, and to the north by the largest body of water, the Black Sea. There are about 4 million people living in the nation.

Why you should choose Georgia to study MBBS

Additional Information About the Nation

Europe receives the most votes when it comes to the top study abroad locations. There are a number of good reasons for this. Over the past two decades, several European countries have experienced remarkable growth and development. As a result, Georgia has emerged as the top option for Indian students wishing to pursue an MBBS in Georgia, alongside students from other countries.

Benefits of MBBS in Georgia

Georgia is a European country that has quickly gained recognition throughout the world thanks to a number of factors, including its excellent educational system, welcoming culture, and favorable climate. Tbilisi, the capital, is on par with Paris. The city is breathtaking. Situated at the southernmost point of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, which form the main crest of the Black Sea, and east of the sea, lies the formidable nation of Georgia. It is bordered to the north and northeast by Russia, to the east and southeast by Azerbaijan, to the west by the Black Sea, and to the south by Armenia and Turkey. As a result, it enjoys a good geographic distribution and strong borders. The nation has pleasant weather, reliable power and water supplies available around-the-clock, hospitable locals, and delicious, clean food. As mentioned above, the living expenses for students applying to Georgia’s MBBS program are comparatively too low.

MBBS Fees Structure and Course Duration

Country Course Duration Fees Structure in INR
MBBS Fees in Russia 6 Years 15 Lacs – 60 Lacs
MBBS Fees in Ukraine 6 Years 20 Lacs to 30 Lacs
MBBS Fees in Georgia 6 Years 22 Lacs – 35 Lacs
MBBS Fees in Kyrgyzstan 5 Years 13 lacs – 20 Lacs
MBBS Fees in Kazakhstan 5 Years 18.5 lacs – 25 Lacs
MBBS Fees in Poland 6 Years 60 lacs to 70 Lacs
MBBS Fees in Armenia 6 years 22 Lacs to 30 Lacs
MBBS Fees in China 6 years 25 Lacs to 30 Lacs
MBBS Fees in Philippines 5.8 years 20 Lacs to 25 Lacs

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Globally Recognised Medical Degrees

The MBBS and other degrees granted to a student upon successfully completing the medical courses are an additional benefit for the thousands of students who are struggling to gain admission to the MBBS program in Georgia. Since every degree is recognized globally, a candidate can work as a physician or apply for jobs with any medical organization in the country of their choice.

No Thought of Contributions or Capitation

Charges The fact that no donation or capitation fee is required for admission to any Georgian medical university is a huge benefit for Indian students studying there. In the past, private universities in India required substantial donations that were out of reach for average students. On the other hand, there is no mention of an additional fee when discussing MBBS courses in Georgia.

Advantage to choose MBBS in Georgia

  • Globally recognized educational framework: Gratitude Georgia MBBS Colleges are accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Medical Council of India (MCI), the National Medical Commission (NMC), and the Foundation of Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER).
  • reasonable tuition costs: The Georgian educational system enjoys great acceptance across the globe. Since their medical universities in Georgia have received MCI approval, the Indian government accepts their education.
  • colleges recognized by MCI : Since Georgian government funds all of the universities, MBBS students receive excellent, highly-subsided medical education.
  • Straightforward acknowledgements: Major MBBS colleges are Georgian medical schools that have received MCI approval. Georgia’s MBBS colleges receive government funding.
  • Direct admissions: Medical students wishing to pursue an MBBS overseas do not need to take an additional test to be eligible.After finishing their 12th grade and NEET scorecard, they can apply.
  • International exposure to medical practice: Indian students enrolled in Georgia’s MBBS program receive top-notch medical education in addition to exposure to medical practice abroad.
  • Satisfactory NEXT exam passing rate: After completing an MBBS program abroad at Georgia MBBS College, candidates have a 50% chance of qualifying for the NEXT exam.
  • No requirement for a TOEFL or IELTS score: Neither the TOEFL nor the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) require a score.
  • Climate conditions are the same as India: The climate of Georgia and India are almost the same because Georgia experiences a humid subtropical climate whereas India experiences a tropical climate. Georgia undergoes a short, mild winter and long, hot summer which is quite similar to the climate of India. It is a positive situation for an Indian student who wants to study MBBS in Georgia.

Admission Eligibility Criteria

There is a certain eligibility to achieve to study MBBS abroad-

Age Limit Medical aspirant should be 17 years old or above
Educational Qualification 50% marks in 12th board examination with PCB for general category students from a recognized board

40% marks in 12th board examination with PCB for reserved category students from a recognized board

Exam NEET qualified

Key Reason to Study MBBS from Georgia

    • You can easily find lodging at the most discounted rates, and the decreased cost of lodging won’t break the bank.
    • International organizations such as MCI and WHO recognize universities.
    • All students have access to top-notch, contemporary facilities, such as electric power, running water that is available around-the-clock, and other features designed for their comfort.
    • Students are granted hassle-free admission; they are not required to take any entrance exams.
    • There is no requirement for donations or bribery because universities accept students directly.
    • Students are given a safe and healthy learning environment so they can feel more secure while living and learning away from home.
    • Since English is the medium of instruction, language is not a barrier for Indian students who do not speak Georgian.


To complete their dream of being a doctor Georgia is one of the best spots “By all means”. Along with good education, this nation is the 6th safest nation in the world. All the medical universities in Georgia 0 provide A-class quality education. This nation has many MCI-approved medical universities that supply the best facilities for Indian students such as providing Indian mess, the best hostel facilities and many more.

As we know Georgia has so many top medical universities, that provide always the best qualifications in terms of quality. Onward we share the list of MCI-approved medical universities in Georgia. Medical Council of Council of India provides a list of 21 MCI-approved medical clinical universities in the nation.

Students prefer to study MBBS in Georgia for many reasons. Georgian universities have an easy and hassle-free admission process. The majority of clinical universities in Georgia provide high-quality infrastructure. There are more than 10,000 students who already study at Georgian medical universities. The Georgian education system ranked in under 30th position in the world.

If we talk about the MBBS in Georgia fee so students bear the amount between 15 lakhs to 30 lakhs for the whole medical course including all kinds of expenses. This nation is indeed affordable for Indian aspirants in comparison to Indian universities.